Ensuring your enterprise level firewalls protect your organisation’s networks from malicious programmes and intent is essential if you want to secure your corporate and client information. Getting this wrong can be costly and time consuming.

As more of your business processes move online, and connectivity requirements extend beyond the traditional corporate boundaries to remote workers and client connectivity, your organisation has to keep pace with these changes. This ensures business continuity and network security, and replaces the more traditional approaches with virtualised security, application and identity aware solutions.

Within this context, Secure First Solutions has established a strong reputation for supporting all your security needs. Since 2010, our professional security consultants have been active in the secondary software arena, providing clients in the private and public sector with firewall and VPN solutions from top quality enterprise partners such as Stonesoft, the leading provider of Advanced Evasion Techniques (AET) aware security systems.

Our digital security services are not only designed to enhance your network security and protect your important data, but will save your IT staff time, save you money and help create a more streamlined working environment. Within this solution, StoneGate Management Centre (SMC) provides unified security management for StoneGate Firewall, VPN and IPS solutions, benefiting from shared network elements, logging, reporting and auditing functions. This easy to use management software should ensure a properly maintained security policy.

Combined with StoneGate’s Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), StoneGate Firewall and VPN – these form a strong, multi-layered defence for the networks they protect.