Identity & Access Management

Securing your key data and digital resources can be a tireless and expensive job if not done properly, draining your valuable IT resources and creating reams of internal red tape. Secure First Solutions can put it right for your organization with prudent effective alignment with modern IT best practices and renowned proven frameworks.

To streamline your network security management, Secure First Solutions offers a comprehensive information assurance solution to simplify often complex and time-sapping tasks.

Our full spectrum capabilities can not only help you protect and secure your critical networks against advanced evasion techniques (AET), but can also assist in anticipating and mitigating strategic risks, and counter threats that impact mission-critical infrastructure and shareholder value.

Secure First Solutions’ dedicated information assurance team can support your organisation in developing a strategic approach to maintaining operational readiness, even in the wake of catastrophic events. We achieve this by integrating physical, cyber, and personnel security with contingency planning and further developing security policy.

We also safeguard data and information systems by ensuring simplified availability, integrity, authentication, confidentiality, and access control.

Our information assurance expertise covers the following key areas:

  • Systems security engineering.
  • Cyber security operations.
  • Certification and compliance.
  • Enterprise security management.
  • Security programme management.
  • Network and Security reviews.
  • Assessment Services.