Installation, Commissioning and Decommissioning

We provide installation of all kinds of IT equipment, such as Servers, Desktops, laptops, Thin and Zero Clients (Wise terminal) Switches, Routers and Telecom Devices. We do commissioned new IT equipment installed by our team of engineer as desired by our customers.

Legally, socially and environmentally, your organisation has a responsibility to properly dispose of unwanted IT assets to ensure minimum impact on the wider community.

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At Secure First Solutions, our professional asset management and computer disposals team are on hand to help you comply with relevant legislation and protect the environment when it comes to reusing old IT equipment.

As an ethical company, we are continually working to improve our recycling and disposal procedures and performance. When it comes to regenerating your older hardware, we strive to achieve a policy of reuse, and do not focus on recycling or destruction. We aim to act in a responsible and committed way to both our clients and the environment.

As part of our dedicated asset management and computer disposal service, we can offer simple buy backs for single items or a full asset disposal service to international standards if required. Whatever you decide is best for your unused hardware, you can rest assured that by choosing Secure First Solutions we will always have the best interests of your organisation, clients and the environment at heart.