Intrusion Prevention

If your organisation is still solely relying on traditional dated firewall technology to secure enterprise networks, then you could be leaving yourself open to attack from malicious software or unauthorised entry to your valuable information resources.

Firewalls alone can no longer be considered complex or powerful enough to deal with securing corporate networks. Threats carried via ports allowed through the firewall policy have the ability to affect network performance, take down services or at worst lead to security breaches. Add to this the greater threat from ‘trusted’ individuals working inside the firewall, and Advanced Evasion Techniques (AET) being used to bypass security solutions to attack vulnerable systems – and this cause’s further concern for security officers.

Given these risks, Secure First Solutions works alongside your business to understand your intrusion prevention requirements and make recommendations accordingly. We realise the key part of any IPS installation is to take stock of the systems and services already in place, then help define a strategy with these in mind.

Our solutions can therefore be integrated with the minimum of disruption, easing the burden on your IT staff and saving you time and money. Utilising dynamic threat management and enhanced performance, our Fort iGATE IPS solution includes AET protection alongside its intuitive management front end – the Fort iGATE Management Centre (SMC) CyberArk and IBM Tivoli application

Using such technology, our team can assist you in defining and establishing a coherent intrusion prevention policy, to further help streamline your network management tasks in future.