Application Deployment & Virtualisation

Secure First Solution specialises on System integration, We tailored our services to fit in to our customer requirement and the same time guiding our customer with best practices based on selected IT technologies to drive their businesses.

Business Tranformation Process

Cloud Solution

At Secure First Solutions we organise ourselves by working with Clients on their business IT requirements and constructing the most appropriate IT platform to service their business needs.

Data Center Management

Secure First Solutions involves in Data Center management, we offer professional advice on procurement, Data Center Security and Hygiene.

IT Projects Implementation

Secure First Solutions provides expertise in delivering IT project from simplification change to re-architecting change. We help customers to plan from initialization stage until it fully delivered to our client with defined timelines.


Server and Desktop Virtualization

We assist our customer to virtualizes their Servers and Desktops.  Secure First Solutions has been for over the years help small to medium scale customer to virtualised their IT servers in turn save costs and better returns on investment


Application Security

Endpoint Security

Securing your networks has always been critical in ensuring the integrity of corporate information. With the proliferation of modern mobile working practices and the continual need for remote access, your organisation faces constant challenges to network security.

IT Security Management

Utilising email and web based security software such as Clearswift; Secure First Solutions can help your organisation to meet the daily challenge of keeping data and identities safe.

Identity & Access Management

Securing your key data and digital resources can be a tireless and expensive job if not done properly, draining your valuable IT resources and creating reams of internal red tape. Secure First Solutions can put it right for your organization with prudent effective alignment with modern IT best practices and renowned proven frameworks.

Security Risk Management

In today’s competitive global economy, your company faces frequent environment and process risks, together with the challenge of having to make decisions based on incomplete or biased information. To successfully manage risk, your organisation must identify, assess and monitor business opportunities and challenges in an integrated and transparent way.

Web Security

Web borne threats and the need to develop a dynamic Internet usage policy are just two of the web security essentials required by the modern business, especially if you want to stay safe and increase productivity.