CCTV Video Surveillance Coverage

Design and Installation of CCTV Security Systems for Residential, Commercial and Multi-Dwelling Developments.

SECURE FIRST SOLUTIONS has expertise in the design and installation of CCTV security systems on residential, commercial and multi-dwelling developments. Solutions range from simple home security cameras and video surveillance systems for small shops and business premises, to more complex projects incorporating access control management systems linking to a central monitoring station or concierge.

SECURE FIRST SOLUTIONS use technology such as Video Analytics, ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition), High Definition security cameras and IP Network and analogue based CCTV equipment.

Security Lights

With a Single Room Fulfilling Several Functions, Being able to Easily Control Lighting is Essential

Great buildings are often let down by poor lighting. In many cases there is little relationship between the design, the natural light and the artificial lighting. It is important to get the balance right to complement your style and to match the needs of the space throughout the day.

With a single room fulfilling several functions, being able to easily control lighting is essential. SECURE FIRST SOLUTIONS’s vast knowledge of lighting and lighting control allows us to produce bespoke solutions to overcome these challenges.

Our lighting team has many years experience working with demanding clients and architects, and work with a number of well known lighting control vendors in the world. We have the expertise to produce extraordinary solutions for any type and size of property. As well as focussing heavily on quality, the systems installed and designed by SECURE FIRST SOLUTIONS allow clients to manage their energy use and regulate current flows to help avoid surges and maximise lamp life.

Most of our lighting projects also involve the control of natural light using beautiful, completely silent roller or roman blinds, or motorised curtains. Our skill lies in knowing which equipment works best in each situation and installing it to work in harmony with your needs.

Electronic Perimeter Access Control

Industry Accredited Security for your Home to Give Complete Peace of Mind

Our clients want beautiful homes, hi-tech offices or other premises all of which demand the very highest levels of security and access protection.

Our total security and access solutions involve a range of different systems; intruder alarms, smoke and heat detection, CCTV and entry cameras, and remote monitoring services. SECURE FIRST SOLUTIONS can help deliver the highest quality systems possible to keep you and your people safe, secure and comfortable.

SECURE FIRST SOLUTIONS LTD are long-time NSI members, and we are experts at integrating security and access systems to provide maximum security protection with the greatest convenience. We’ve provided security systems for very high-profile commercial projects and for properties containing millions of pounds worth of jewelry and artwork.

We design and install enhanced access control systems include keyless scramble keypads that never show the same sequence of numbers twice or read unique biometric data (such as a retina scan). Our CCTV systems can allow you to securely see any camera image remotely. We can provide asset-tracking systems that show your where you valuables are at any time.

Whatever your circumstances SECURE FIRST SOLUTIONS can deliver the protection and peace of mind you need.

Intruder Alarm Systems


SECURE FIRST SOLUTIONS design and install tailor-made alarm systems that offer a great deal of flexibility, we have been able to provide a security solution to fit our customers’ requirements successfully for years. At SECURE FIRST SOLUTIONS Security Systems we do not employ people whose aim is to sell products for their own profit; the only employees who customers encounter are experienced professional survey & installation technicians who are passionate about security and will do all they can to ensure that your alarm system offers you the right protection you require for your home or business.

Before any work is carried out, one of our experienced surveyors will perform a free onsite security survey to ensure we can provide you with a fully installed alarm system that is completely tailored to your needs. Each system will fulfil the exact requirements to meet your security objectives. In addition, our team of monitoring professionals work around the clock ready to respond to any given situation, as an installed alarm system by SECURE FIRST SOLUTIONS never goes unanswered.

Wireless and hard-wired systems are available and for customers who have existing security systems, such as businesses who are looking to upgrade their current protection, technicians can work within the existing framework and make changes according to the specifications provided by a customer. For the residential customer concerned about decoration damage we can provide state of the art wireless alarm systems that conform to British Standard EN5013-1 Grade 2 (Insurance Company Approved System) offering you total peace of mind and flexibility of installation.

Regardless of time constraints and budgets, our engineers will work with you to make sure that you receive exactly what is required; every employee takes pride in their work, and as such a system will never be installed without our total confidence that it will suit the needs of each individual customer.

Fire Alarm


SECURE FIRST SOLUTIONS offer expertise in electronic fire detection and voice alarm (VA), mechanical fire-fighting and gas suppression, fire telephones, public address (PA), security, CCTV, access control, facilities for the disabled, nurse call, centralized control applications and monitoring services.

To meet the demands of the industry and offer the best solutions and strict compliance with legislation and codes of practice SECURE FIRST SOLUTIONS enjoy membership and accreditation to the major certification bodies.

SECURE FIRST SOLUTIONS regard safety as an extremely important priority for business and are committed to achieving and maintaining the standards of occupational Health & Safety.

To ensure quality is not impaired in today’s rigorous market SECURE FIRST SOLUTIONS comply with quality management systems within its organization. We provide outstanding services which include;

  • Electronic fire detection.
  • Voice alarms (VA).
  • Wireless fire detection.
  • Remote monitoring.
  • Fire telephones.
  • Fire Suppression Systems.
  • Aspirating smoke detection.
  • Maintenance and service contracts.

Network & Telephone



Connectivity is all. We help you connect quickly, securely and seamlessly to your world – work, home, entertainment and communications. SECURE FIRST SOLUTIONS design and install business grade data network and telephone solutions for all our clients.

Reliable, high-speed broadband is essential for people these days. We use it for simple communication services, to catch up on TV, to work securely, to monitor our properties and plan our lives. Data, TV and telephony have merged, using the same wires and technology to seamlessly deliver a host of services into and around your home. Free or low cost calls, telephone over the internet (VOIP), room to room dialling, blisteringly fast internet access and support for multiple telephones lines is now commonplace. SECURE FIRST SOLUTIONS are CISCO partners and will design, install and maintain a system that fits your needs now and for many years to come.

We believe in the future ready system – we design network and telephone systems to allow you the flexibility to change, add and increase features as and when they come online. We’ll help securely connect your properties – old and new – and make sure you get the most seamless experience possible.

Video communication system

Secure First Solutions will Help Bring your Clear Pictures, Video and Media to Life

There is an ever increasing array of media systems and delivery methods of content into the home using interactive services on broadband, satellite and cable. SECURE FIRST SOLUTIONS media systems allow you to enjoy highly personalised content when you want, where you want, around your home.

Multiple sources such as hard disk AV servers, DVD, Blu-ray, Satellite (including foreign language services), online TV and even CCTV images can be enjoyed simultaneously by different users at the same time.

You can remotely control and view any channel independently in any room or select separate video sources such as CCTV and door entry on any screen. We give you access to your recordings and let you easily select a high-definition (maybe even 3D) film to watch from your own library or various online service